Bharti Singh suffered a big loss due to Corona! Her fees were cut by 70%


TV's comedy queen Bharti Singh has made her place in the industry after many struggles, everyone is aware of it. Everyone knows that due to the Corona epidemic and lockdown, not only the general public, the celebs of the entertainment world have also had to work for less money. One of these names is also Bharti Singh who is hosting 'Dance Deewane 3' these days.

According to reports, for this, their fees are being cut by 70%. Not only this, Kapil Sharma's popular show 'The Kapil Sharma Show' is now returning on TV after about 7 months. It is worth noting that for this, Bharti has to take a pay cut of about 50% in her fees.

Talking about this Bharti says, 'I think everyone was stunned when they were asked for a pay cut. I was no different. I had a lot of conversations on this too, but when I thought about what happened last year and what is happening now, I realized that so much work has stopped. TV and shows are not getting sponsors, then from where do, the channels get money. Everyone is trying to stand on their own feet. Once our ratings start getting good, the sponsors will automatically come and our fees will also be increased.