Belbottom Teaser Review: Only Akshay Kumar's Noise in Teaser on Hero 3, Remembered 'Action Replay'


Teaser Review: Belbottom

Artist: Akshay Kumar

Director: Ranjit M Tiwari

YouTube Channel: Pooja Entertainment

Rating: **

Akshay Kumar, the highest-grossing star in Hindi cinema, has carved a distinct identity with patriotic films. His new identity now seems to be that of an instant cine maker. Akshay released the teaser of the film 'Bellbottom', which started recently in the Corona era and finished shooting for Bellbottom recently. No other artist's face has been revealed in this teaser, similar to his film 'Action Replay' with Aishwarya Rai.

The teaser of the film 'Belbottom', named after six producers and one director, is dominated by Akshay Kumar from the beginning to the last frame. The teaser begins with a low-angle camera shot in which Akshay Kumar's Belbottom is first seen. Belbottom actually referred to the pants worn in the 70s, with the sealing used to touch the ground near the heel, and the longer the sealing, the more fashionable it was.

Though the film 'Belbottom' is a story of rescuing people trapped in a plane hijacking, no glimpse of it has been leaked by the film's makers in the teaser. After a while, Akshay Kumar, who has a suit-boot, is seen in front of an Indian Airlines plane wearing a worker's uniform and in the next frame, his swag appears as an employee hanging on a tanker. There is no dialogue in the teaser. An attempt has been made to create a different effect through background music, but the more effective the teaser visuals are, the more fake the background music is. And, it is the music of the teaser which directly directs the attention of the audience towards another period film 'Action Replay' by Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai.

The action replay, starring Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai, was released on November 5, ten years ago. These films are among the few films of Hindi cinema that were released very loudly on Diwali but the film was a super flop. Director Vipul Shah's relationship with Akshay Kumar did not remain the same after this film. This time Akshay is accompanied by new director Ranjit Tiwari. There is a whole army of manufacturers. The last plate of Teaser's credits names half a dozen producers other than the director.

The most surprising thing in the teaser of the film 'Bell Bottom' is that there is not a single shot of the film's three actresses Vani Kapoor, Lara Dutta, and Huma Qureshi in the entire teaser. These three actresses have also shot the film first with Akshay Kumar in Glasgow and then London during the Corona transition period. His fans were hoping that these three actresses would also be seen in the teaser of the film.

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