Before coming to films, Sunil Dutt used to work in radio, despite successful actor, had to struggle for life


Sunil Dutt was successful in films as much as he got in successful films. However, in Bollywood, he saw a period when he was not getting films. Sunil Dutt was born on this day on 6 June 1929 in Jhelum, now in Pakistan. Sunil Dutt acted in more than 50 films in his six-decade-long film career.

In the year 2005, Sunil Dutt said goodbye to the world but he will always be remembered for films like Sujata, Mother India, Reshma and Shera, Milan, Naagin, Jani Dushman, Padosan. Apart from acting, he also tried his hand in film production and direction. Sunil Dutt made an experimental film 'Yaadein' in 1964. The film is named in the Guinness Book of Records as the film with the lowest cast. Nargis appeared in a small character in the last scene of this film. The rest of the film has no actor other than Sunil. The story of this film was written by Nargis Dutt, wife of Sunil Dutt. The film tells the story of a husband whose wife has left him and he remembers things related to her.


By the way, his personal life was very struggling. Sharing personal memories associated with Sunil Dutt, senior film journalist Jayaprakash Chaukse says, "Sunil Dutt has fought impossible battles all his life. He went to the United States twice to get his son drug addiction and his wife treated." He was very upset during that. "His troubles never diminished," says Chaukse. Cancer and drugs made him very helpless and sad. He traveled twice from Mumbai to Chandigarh to create awareness among people about drugs and cancer. "

Chaukse explains that 'Sunil Dutt did not want to play the role of villain on screen. When no film was found from 1971 to 1975, his career began to falter, then actress Sadhana and RK Nayyar asked him to work in the film 'Geeta Mera Naam'. After explaining a million, he played the role of a villain for the first time. From then on, he started getting films again. "

Pandhari Zucker was Sunil Dutt's makeup, man, and photographer, from 1958 to 2005. Remembering Sunil Dutt, Pandhari Dada had told that 'Dutt sahib used to help others a lot. Sunil Dutt Saheb himself took my wife to the hospital after my wife was not admitted to the Hinduja Hospital, she had requested all the doctors to treat my wife better and then she had to bear the entire cost of the hospital, although my wife could not survive. , It hurt him a lot. "

Sharing one such anecdote, Pandhari Dada had said, "For the film Hamraj, I was doing her makeup for the character of 110 years old. Then Nargis came to meet her. She asked Dutt Sahab only that Baba Where is Dutt Saheb. On hearing this, Dutt Saheb made a gesture to tell me nothing and after a whole two-hour wait, I felt bad when Nargis started walking. I told Nargis Ji, Dutt Saheb is next to you. Hearing this Nargis was shocked and Dutt Sahab laughed loudly. Nargis Ji came to me and started saying that you made my husband such that I could not recognize him despite being his wife. Then he gave me his precious watch as a memento. Granted. "

How did you get a break

Famous radio broadcaster Amin Sayani was an old friend of Sunil Dutt. Sunil Dutt was also a broadcaster in Radio Ceylon before becoming a hero. Sayani and Dutt were good friends from that time.

Sayani had said, "During radio programs, Dutt used to meet big film personalities. Many people used to look at him and they used to say that you are such a beautiful, tall, strong young man, such a beautiful person. Why are you not a film artist?" "

After one such meeting, filmmaker Ramesh Sehgal offered Sunil Dutt the role of a hero for his film 'Railway Platform', which he accepted.

Amin Sayani further said, "Remembering my friend, I would say that for the sixty-five years I have been associated with the Indian film world, I have found all kinds of people, music stars, film stars, producers, directors, and politicians. If you ask me to choose the most beautiful person, I will take the name of Dutt Saheb. I still remember how thousands of people took to the streets when he died. He was a very good actor, politician, and a human being. "