Become 'Lion' in real life by beating goons, this actor became popular with the character of Villain


There have been some actors in Hindi cinema who are still remembered for their excellent dialogue delivery. The actor we are talking about today 'knows the whole country by the name of Lion'. If you remember this famous dialogue and the actor who made it special by his way of speaking. So you must have understood that we are talking about actor Ajit Khan. Ajith was an actor who played Villain in most of his films and his famous dialogue 'Sara Shahar Mein Mein Lyon Kya Hai' is still in people's minds. You must have seen Ajit Khan beating the hero in the movies, but do you know that this actor, famous for his role as a villain on the screen, had killed the goons in real life. Yes, today we are going to tell you this interesting story related to Ajit Khan.

In the film 'Kalicharan', when the actor Ajit Khan spoke this dialogue, the audience was praised by him. Ajit Khan was famous for playing both hero and villain in films. Ajit Khan's real name was Hamid Ali Khan. He had named himself Ajit to work in films. Ajit Khan did not have the same dialogue with 'Lion', who had become famous, and he had other dialogues which used to live on people's tongues. Which was 'Mona Darling', 'Lily Don't Be Silly'.

Ajith was fond of becoming an actor since childhood. Ajit fled home to Mumbai to realize his dream. Let me tell you that he had a passion for acting in such a way that he had even sold his books to fulfill his dream. Ajit Khan started his film career in the year 1940. After this, he acted as a hero in some films but did not get success.

Then he started playing the role of villain in films and he was liked in it. His stature and way of speaking made people like him for the character of Villain. Ajit Khan got recognition. Ajit created a definition of Villain and his character in Hindi cinema, which has been recorded in history forever.

It is said that when Ajit Khan came to Mumbai to dream of becoming an actor, he had no place to live. In such a situation, he started living in pipes made of cement. In those days, goons of the local area used to collect for weeks from those people living in those pipes, and only the money that was given was allowed to remain there. Those who had no money were beaten up by goons. One day Ajit got angry after seeing this and he beat up the goons fiercely. What was it then? The people there started respecting Ajit. At that time, who knew that this person would later be famous for the character of Villain.

Ajith has acted in more than 200 films and played the role of Villain in most of them. Ajit Khan was truly recognized by the film 'Kalicharan'. Apart from this, he made his acting iron in films like 'Atheist', 'Mughal-e-Azam', 'Naya Daur' and 'Milan'. After this, on 22 October 1998, this star of Hindi cinema said goodbye to the world.

ajeet khaan ke kuchh khaas daayalog-

philm- aajaad jindagee sirph do paanv se bhaagatee hai…aur maut hajaaron haathon se usaka raasta rokatee hai.

philm- janjeer aao vijay, baitho aur hamaare saath ek skoch piyo…ham tumhe kha thodee jaenge…vaise bhee ham vaijiteriyan hain.

philm- janjeer kutta jab paagal ho jaata hai to use golee maar dete hain.

philm- betaaj baadashaah lamhon ka bhanvar cheer ke insaan bana hoon, ehasaas hoon main vakt ke seene mein gadha hoon.

philm- raaj tilak jinakee rago mein raajapootee khoon hota hai, unake jism par dushman ke die hue ghaav to hote hai, lekin unakee talavaar kaphan kee tarah koree nahin hotee.