Because of this, the love story of Priyanka-Shahid was left incomplete! The actor had made this allegation


Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra had an affair with a Bollywood actor before her marriage to American singer and actor Nick Jonas. This actor was none other than Shahid Kapoor.

At one time there was a lot of news about the affair of both of them. The news even came that both of them have even got engaged to each other. However, these things could not be confirmed. The love story of both the Bollywood actors could not progress further.

According to reports, both the Bollywood actors came close to each other from the movie Kaminey. When everyone was getting to know about the affair of both of them, then Priyanka started ignoring Shahid Kapoor. She was keeping her distance from Shahid on the pretext of work.

According to the news, Priyanka Chopra's closeness with which big star was increasing at this time. Due to this, both the Bollywood actors gradually parted ways. Shahid Kapoor later married Mira. Shahid Kapoor also accused an actress of cheating on him on the show Koffee With Karan.