BEAUTY TIPS: - Actress Bhagyashree told the tremendous benefits of glycerin


Winter has started and skincare has to be taken more in this season, the skin also starts to dry during the winter season. If you also want to remove skin dryness, then try these skincare tips of Bollywood actress Bhagyashree.

Actress Bhagyashree has recently told about the properties of glycerin on her Instagram account, she said that glycerin can be remedied by both men and women. It not only moisturizes the skin but also has many properties that make the skin Are very beneficial for

Glycerin can be used to make the skin soft during the winter season. It has an amoliant that helps to moisturize and keep the skin soft.

By using glycerin, the layer of dead skin cells on the skin is removed, besides the skin pores also open.

Glycerin has antipyrotic properties that relieve itching problem.