Ashok Pandit Replying on Kanhaiya Kumar's tweet, he said: only elderly students like you bunker for terrorists ...


There have been frequent violent protests in America after the assassination of black George Floyd. President Donald Trump was briefly taken to an underground bunker after protesters gathered outside the White House on Friday. After the news of this thing reached India, people started politics here too. Many politicians started making rhetoric about Donald Trump and Prime Minister PM Modi. When the student leader-turned-politician Kanhaiya Kumar also said something similar, filmmaker Ashok Pandit gave him a befitting reply.

The fire of fire in America is now reaching India. Opponents are busy baking their bread here on the issue of another country. Recently, Kanhaiya Kumar tried to taunt Donald Trump and the Modi government without naming him. Kanhaiya tweeted, 'Here only' anchors 'make us work as' bunkers 'for the government.'

This tweet by Kanhaiya created an uproar. Where many people came to support him, many people started opposing it. Meanwhile, Ashok Pandit, known for his spot response, responded to Kanhaiya's tweet. He wrote, 'Here we have only elderly students like you do the work of' bunker 'for terrorists!'

Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Congress had tweeted on this issue. On which film actor Paresh Rawal took a dig at Rahul Gandhi without taking his name. Congress wrote, 'Hides under a bunker, hides behind an anchor.'

Paresh Rawal also left no stone unturned on this Congress tweet. He targeted Rahul Gandhi in gestures. Responding to the Congress tweet, Paresh Rawal wrote, 'Aap ka kankar hai, leave it open!'