Another truth of Ranu Mandal came in front of which entire Bollywood was shocked after hearing it


Ranu Mandal, who became famous by singing a song at the railway station, would never have even dreamed that his life would change like this overnight. Ranu is in the discussion from common users to celebrities on social media. But after Ranu Mandal got famous, many truths and facts about Ranu are coming out.

Ranu's live video went viral, it was made by software engineer Atindra Chakraborty, who lives in West Bengal. About Ranu, Atindra told that he had two marriages. The first husband was from West Bengal who did not take care of Ranu. Ranu used to sing in clubs which her husband did not like at all. Ranu had also stopped singing for her husband. Despite this, he left Ranu. Ranu had a son and a daughter from her first husband.

After her husband left Ranu had no support, she reached Mumbai where after a lot of wandering she got a job at Feroze Khan's house. It was here that she met Bablu Mandal whom she married, but fate was somewhat different and in 2003, her husband died untimely. After her husband's death, Ranu again returned to West Bengal where she used to sing and ask for money. Ranu has a son and a daughter from Bablu Mandal.