Akshay Kumar gives salary in millions to his Bodyguard! Click here to know


Akshay Kumar is known for his acting as well as his fitness and lifestyle. He follows a very strict lifestyle. In many of his films, he is seen doing stunts himself.

His bodyguard is always with him and protects him. In return, the bodyguard also gets a hefty salary.

According to the report, Akshay Kumar's bodyguard Shreyas Chand is one of the expensive bodyguards, who get a salary of around 1.2 million rupees per year i.e. he gets around 10 lakh rupees every month.

Along with this, many facilities are provided to him. Shreyas has also done stunts in films, for which he was well received by the audience. Apart from Akshay, Shreyas also protects his son Aarav. Shreyas keeps a close watch on every action of Akshay.