After 'Ghajini', Kalpana's character was compared to Asin, such was the reaction of the actress


Actress Asin, who had said goodbye to Bollywood a few years ago, is currently away from the film screen. But there was a time when Asin ruled the hearts of the people. Asin is celebrating her birthday on 26 October. This year, Asin is celebrating her 34th birthday. A special anecdote about Asin's birthday tells you. Asin responded by comparing Ghazni's imagination.

Actress Asin, who made her debut in South Indian films, also made her Bollywood debut. However, his innings did not last long and in 2016 he married businessman Rahul Sharma and broke away from Bollywood. When Asin was active in films, she was asked during an interview that Ghajini's imagination was a character that touched people's hearts, Asin is the same in real life?

Asin answered this question with great disdain. Asin said in response to this question, 'I do not deliberately try to maintain any kind of image, but I am lucky that people look at me well, think well of me. It is true that I see a glimpse of myself in the role of Kalpana. When the film was released, many of my friends told me this too.

During this time, another question was asked to Asin. When Asin was asked about the friendship between the rest of the stars in the film industry, he said, 'I don't think it's hard to find friends in the film industry. Many actresses are my friends like Deepika, Sonam, and Anushka. The media does talk about competition among all of us but there is nothing like that. I don't feel insecure about anyone. Everyone has given me a lot of love in Bollywood. When I came off the stage with the Filmfare Award for Ghajini, Preity Zinta especially came to me and said that you are welcome in our industry.

Significantly, Bollywood actress Asin started her acting career in the year 2001 with the Malayali film. Asin, along with being an actress, is also a trend Bharatanatyam dancer. Apart from this, he has knowledge of eight languages. Asin made her Bollywood debut in the year 2008 with the film 'Ghajini' and had made a good name here too. Asin has appeared in films like Ready, Housefull 2, Khiladi 786.