After Corona: Even after the theater opens, you will get the fun of the first-day first show at home, here is all the information


Preparations are in full swing regarding the life after the corona infection is over or under control. During this time, all the big Hindi films have reached the audience by releasing directly on OTT. But, now preparations are being made that even after the cinema hall opens, people should enjoy the first-day first show by sitting in their house. How will this happen, we are giving you complete information.

You may not be aware, but there are mini theaters in homes, bungalows, or farmhouses of all the rich people of the country. These theaters with 15-20 seats have recliner chairs and have a theater-like curtain in front. Sound arrangements are often better than theaters here. In these domestic theaters, new movies are shown through satellite at a hefty fee. These fees are for a fixed period, during which you can watch this movie any number of times.

G5 - Photo: Social Media

Now one such technology has been developed by Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE) but for this, you do not need to make theater in your home. This technology will be able to broadcast new movies directly on the TV in your home. Just for this, you must have a dish of some TV broadcasting service. It has been named Zee Plex and it will be the country's first C2H - Cinema to Home (C2H) experiment.

Through this technique, viewers will be able to watch their favorite movies on their television by paying a fixed amount. This will be like some of the pre-existing apps of cinema, but just through this, now you will be able to make advance bookings of newly released films at home and watch them with your family at the same time as they are released in the theater. These shows will start from the beginning after a regular interval and viewers will be able to choose their shows according to the time available on them.

In the case of a digital platform i.e. OTT, this service will be available only on the native OTT G5 (ZEE5) in the country. Viewers will be able to pay to watch these films at their convenience. And for this, they will have the option of both UPI and NetBanking.