Actress Taapsee Pannu is dating this player! Click here to know


Actress Taapsee Pannu has made a special recognition in Bollywood based on her acting. Taapsee Pannu turns 33 today. She was born on this day i.e. August 1, 1987, in Delhi, in a Sikh family. Bollywood Taapsee Pannu, who belongs to businessman family, is also a good squash player.

Today we are going to tell you one thing that very few people will know about. Do you know Taapsee Pannu is dating a player? Taapsee is dating a badminton player. She gave this information in a recent interview.

She told me that she is dating badminton player Matthias Bo. In this interview, she said that I am proud to admit that I am dating someone. Tapsi also used to do modeling before coming to Bollywood. She has advertised for several companies.