Actress Mumtaz, who came out after rumors of death, said: I am not dead ...

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Bollywood veteran Mumtaz has released in a video message amidst rumors circulating about her death. Recently, news of his death had spread rapidly on social media, after which many people expressed grief over it.

Now Mumtaz's daughter Tanya Madhavani has released a video of her in which the actress is seen doing well. In the video, Mumtaz says, 'Friends, I love you all very much. See, I am not dead. I am alive I am not as old as people are saying. I still look good because of your prayers. '

Sharing this video, Tanya wrote, 'Message from my mother to her fans! Another news of her demise is in the news right now, she is healthy and living her life well. Her pictures, which are being spread on the internet and are being described as old, date back many years when she was battling cancer. He is healthy, happy, and beautiful right now. Give them all this relief now. She is 73 years old.

Mumtaz had breast cancer in the year 2000. For this he was treated for a long time and eventually he won the battle against cancer. Mumtaz has been living in London for a long time now. They have two daughters. Elder daughter Natasha is married to Feroze Khan's son Fardeen. She also lives in London at this time. At the same time, his younger daughter Tanya lives in Rome.

Mumtaz started her film career as a child artist in the year 1958 with the film Sone Ki Chidiya. Released in 1969, Mumtaz got a big recognition with Doh Rasta. His opposite in the film was Rajesh Khanna. The two worked together in about 10 films. In 1974, Mumtaz married businessman Mayur Madhvani.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures