Aamir Khan Bodyguard: Aamir Khan's bodyguard salary is in crores!


Today we are going to tell you about Yuvraj Ghorpade, the bodyguard of actor Aamir Khan, who is called Mr. Perfectionist. He lives with Aamir Khan like a shadow all the time but keeps himself far away from the limelight.

As soon as Aamir Khan takes a step outside his house, then bodyguard Yuvraj Ghorpade becomes active. His eyes are very sharp and he works to protect him every moment. For this work, Aamir Khan pays him two crores of rupees annually, which is equal to Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera's salary.

Not only this, apart from salary, they also get many other facilities. Aamir's programs across the country, promotion of films, shooting sets, and travel abroad also accompany Aamir Khan.

Know which celebrity's bodyguard is the most expensive

Bodyguard Ravi Singh, who lives with Shahrukh Khan, has been protecting him for nine years. Shahrukh Khan pays him Rs 2.7 crore a year. He is the most expensive bodyguard of Bollywood celebrities. Shahrukh Khan can not come under any heat during his stay.