Rana Daggubati’s Dramatic Weight Loss Leaves Fans Concerned About his Health


While Rana Daggubati was already a popular star who had done quite a lot of good work in the industry, it was Baahubali’s Bhallaladeva that increased his fan base significantly. The actor had beefed up for the costume drama and it was quite an impressive transformation. Looks like Rana has lost a lot of weight and he has left fans worrying for him.

The actor put up a promotional post on Instagram and fans are asking him if he is sick. Some are even asking if something really happened to him since he looks so much leaner now.


One user wrote: “What happened to Bhallala Deva… Why so skinny'”, while the other said: “What have you done to your body'”, another wrote: ‘OMG, are you okay dear?’


Well, this could be for Rana’s upcoming series of films. Google