13 years of marriage : After becoming an unmarried mother, Neena Gupta married this person, now there are some such relationships


Neena Gupta is a well-known actress in film and television. Only an outspoken and cool actress like her can show the courage to portray the character of a middle-aged pregnant woman in the movie "Badhaai Ho". Neena Gupta is seen giving impeccable views on many issues like marriage, career, children, and women's rights. Many things that are considered quite modern in our society are common to Nina. She likes to do what she feels is right for her. Neena Gupta is as fearless about the selection of films as she is in her personal life. He never tried to hide the relationship of his personal life. Whether it is to have a child without marriage or marriage at the third stage of age, both the reasons were enough to shock people.

Nina's first marriage was with Vivek Mehra

The matter of Nina's relationship with Vivian Richards is not hidden from anyone. Neena also has a daughter from Vivian, whose name is Masaba. But when Masaba was born, people started thinking that Neena and Vivian got married but it was nothing like that. Vivian and Nina's relationship ended there. After that in 2008, Neena married Vivek Mehra. This year Neena is celebrating her 13th wedding anniversary on 15th July. On this occasion, let us tell you some interesting things...

Even before meeting Vivian, Neena Gupta had a relationship with some film and television people, but meeting Vivian changed everything. In 1980, Vivian came to India in connection with a series of cricket. It was here that he met Neena Gupta during a party. Vivian was the father of two children at that time and was living with his girlfriend.

Neena Gupta gets attracted to Vivian's personality and falls in love with him. The result of this love was that in 1989, Neena gave birth to Vivian's child, named Masaba Gupta. Neena knew very well that Vivian could not marry her but despite this, she took the bold decision of having a child without marriage. He has a very close relationship with Neena Gupta's daughter Masaba Gupta. Masaba is currently a famous fashion designer and is also very close to her father. Masaba tells that she definitely visits her father thrice a year.

Neena Gupta was never married. Her first marriage took place with Vivek Mehra. Neena Gupta met Vivek Mehra on a flight in 2002. At that time Nina was 42 years old. Vivek Mehra is a Chartered Accountant based in Delhi. Already married Vivek was living separately from his wife at that time. In 2008, Vivek, who went to America for a relative's wedding, proposed to Neena there and married Neena Gupta on 15 July.

Although the bonding of Neena and Vivek is tremendous even though they are away from each other. Even in an interview, Neena had told that she lived in Mukteshwar for six months with her husband Vivek in the lockdown last year. Neena said, 'My husband lives in Delhi and I in Mumbai, has always been like this with us. So this was the first time we stayed together for so long in lockdown. For the first time, he knew me and him'.