What is the need of going to the bank, when you are getting these facilities while sitting at home


Today, in changing times, banks are also changing themselves, now you can get a banking facility from home and can make your work easier. At present, only a few banks are providing banking facilities from home.

Government banks Punjab National Bank and Central Bank of India have given their customers fresh information about doorstep banking or home banking facilities. One can do bank work from home without going door to door banking.

But it also has some terms and conditions, if you want to take advantage of this facility, then first you have to register yourself. At the same time, this facility will be provided sitting at home with Mamluk charge and this service is completely safe.

The KYC process required for this service has to be completed. Cash pick up from home or office under doorstep service will be within normal banking time. At the same time, you can also take the facility of the check under it.

The bank offers its customers three options for doorstep banking. There is an on-call pick-up, in which a bank representative visits the customer's home or office on request. Request can be made for this by phone call.

As a pickup service in doorstep banking from banks, you can take advantage of services like check/draft / pay orders, new checkbook demand request, Form 15G or 15H, acceptance of IT challan.

Apart from this, the facility of the account statement, TDS form / Form 16 certificate, a gift card is also available as a delivery service.