What happened in budget 2019 is expensive and cheap, check the full list here


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the book of the country i.e. the budget. In the Budget, the Finance Minister has made some announcements which will affect the prices of many things i.e. some things will be cheaper and some things will become expensive. Let's tell you what went wrong in the budget and what happened expensively

Petrol, diesel, and gold are expensive

Now people will have to spend more than two rupees per liter on the purchase of diesel and petrol. The finance minister has imposed special additional product ie cess at the rate of one rupee per liter on petrol and diesel. In the same budget, the government has increased customs duty on precious metals from 10% to 12.5%. With the increase in customs duty, gold imports will be expensive, so that now it will have to spend more money on its purchase.

Exotic books and cashew nuts

After the announcement of the Finance Minister, prices of optical fiber and stainless products will increase. Apart from frames and accessories, AC, loudspeakers, CCTV cameras, and horns of vehicles, including video recorders, are also expensive. Not only that, more money will be spent on the purchase of cigarettes. So, the prices of foreign books and cashews will also increase. From auto parts to synthetic rubber and PVC pipes and tiles will also become expensive. Tobacco products will now be expensive after the budget.

Mobile charger and home loan cheaper

In the Budget, many concessions have been given to the home loan. This will make the home loan cheaper. In the budget, the Finance Minister announced a discount of three and a half lakhs on interest on the purchase of a cheap house. Apart from this, the components of electric cars will be cheap. Also, the price of set-top boxes will decrease with camera modules and mobile chargers. So, the import of defense equipment will also be cheaper.