Under this offer, the gas cylinder will be available for only nine rupees? Only till this day is the chance


Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel during the Corona period, people are facing inflation. Due to this people are facing financial problems.

That's why people are paying attention to discounts and cashback offers. Given this, now Paytm Gas had brought a big offer for the consumers, which is going to end in a few days. Under Petiec's offer, consumers can buy cylinders for just Rs.9. The cost of a cylinder in Delhi is Rs 809.

Paytm has come up with an offer for those customers who for the first time will both book and pay for LPG cylinders through Paytm. Under this, cashback of ten to eight hundred rupees is being given by Paytm to the consumers. This offer of Paytm can be availed only till 30 June 2021.