Today this is the price per liter of Petrol-Diesel!


Due to the increased prices of petrol and diesel, people are facing inflation. However, it is a matter of relief that petrol and diesel prices have not been increased in any way for the third consecutive day.

For the last time, the price of petrol was increased from 34 to 35 paise and the price of diesel from 35 to 38 rupees per liter.

According to the website of Indian Oil, today petrol in the country's capital Delhi is being sold at Rs 90.93 and diesel at Rs 81.32 per liter. At the same time, in Mumbai called the economic capital, petrol has been priced at Rs 97.34 and diesel at Rs 88.44 per liter.

In Kolkata, petrol is being sold at 91.12, diesel 84.20 and petrol in Chennai at Rs 92.90, and diesel at Rs 86.31 per liter.