This note of 10 rupees can get 45 thousand, this work will have to be done


Often many of us are fond of collecting old notes. But if you also have this hobby, then you can earn thousands or millions by selling these notes. Today we are going to tell you about such a 10 rupee note from which you can earn up to 45000 rupees.

Many people are ready to pay thousands of lakhs to buy these old notes or coins. For this reason, the price of old notes is increasing day by day in the online market. You can get up to 45 thousand rupees for a note of 10 rupees with the signature of C D Deshmukh, Governor of Reserve Bank of India of 1943.

Apart from this, the 786 number series note is also very much discussed and many people show interest to buy it. If you have a note that has this number, then you can earn lakhs by selling it online and sitting at home.

There is also a lot of demand for the old 2 rupee note. People are in great search especially for the pink-colored two rupee note on which 786 is written. People are ready to spend lakhs on this. Sites like eBay, CoinBazaar, Indian Old Coin, and Click India are looking for these notes and often bidding.