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You can earn crores by selling 1 rupee coin lying idle in your collection box.

Provided that the coin should be with some characteristics. You can earn around Rs 10 crore by selling it online. To sell notes, you can visit websites that offer very special premium deals.

The coin we are talking about was auctioned for Rs 10 crore. But this coin is no ordinary coin. The coin auctioned at such a high premium was printed in 1885 during the British rule. If you have such a coin, you can get Rs 10 crore for it in an online auction.

Many websites do the work of auctioning such special coins. You can also visit OLX to auction these old coins. You have to create your login ID and auction your coin. Additionally, you can also auction coins by creating your ID on You will need to share your coin's photo for the auction.

Many people are engaged in buying antiques, while many coin collectors can go to any lengths to acquire rare coins.