These banks are giving the best interest on one year FD, know how much return will be received after 1 year


Fixed Deposit Even today, there are many banks that are paying more than 6 percent interest on one year FD.

New Delhi, Business Desk. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cut the repo rate by 2.50 since February 2019. Due to this, loans of banks have become cheap. However, at the same time banks have reduced the interest rates of fixed deposits (FDs). This has shocked investors investing in Fixed Deposit schemes. A fixed deposit is a type of liquid asset. This means that by investing in this fund you get more interest from a savings account. Also, this fund can easily be used for other purposes when needed. If you are thinking about a one-year fixed deposit, then tell you that there are still many banks that are giving interest of 6 percent to 7.25 on FD of this period.

Bank Rate of interest

IDFC First Bank 7.25%

RBL Bank 7.20%

IndusInd Bank 7.00%

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank 6.95%

DCB Bank 6.75%

Yes Bank 6.75%

AU Small Finance Bank 6.50%

standard Chartered Bank 6.30%

Bandhan Bank 6.25%

IDBI Bank 5.70%

(Source: Bank Market)

At the same time, if you compare the interest paid by the public sector banks and private sector banks on the FD of the same period, then you will find that HDFC Bank gives interest at the rate of 5.25 percent on one year FD. At the same time, ICICI Bank gives interest at the rate of 5.15 percent on one year FD. Kotak Mahindra is offering interest at the rate of 4.75 percent on one year FD.

State Bank of India and Bank of Baroda pay 5.10 percent interest on one year FD.

How safe is an investment in small finance banks

Small banks typically pay high interest to attract funds from investors. Now if you talk about how safe investing is in small finance banks, then let us tell you that RBI guarantees to return the amount up to Rs 5 lakh deposited in banks. This means that if you deposit up to five lakh rupees in a bank, then your investment is completely safe.