These 2 things will be expensive all over India, must read this bad news


If you are also an Indian citizen, then you should know about those two things which are spread all over India.

A big reason to make things expensive:

The biggest reason for making things expensive is that when something is being received from the future at an increased price, then its import & export is seen. If the thing is getting expensive while importing, then its export is also done at very expensive rates in India, then this is the reason that the rate of these 2 things has increased.

These two things will become expensive:

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Products made from caffeine will become the most expensive. Because earlier they used to have a GST of 18%. But now it will be made 28% GST and, due to this, things made from caffeine will become expensive.

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The other thing that will become expensive in the whole country is the train compartment because, first on the coaches of the train GST of 5% was levied & now they will be levied 12% GST, which may increase the ticket price of the train.