There is amazing inflation in these countries, 5 tomatoes in 5 million


11/11 Great inflation in these countries, 5 tomatoes in 5 million

Inflation is an important indicator of the country's economy. It is good for the economy when controlled, but when out of control, the economy is in danger. India is not in the list of top 50 countries with high inflation. At present, the inflation rate in India is below four percent. Here we are going to tell you about the top 10 countries with very high inflation, where the inflation rate has been at the top in 2018 as compared to 2017. You can easily compare inflation in these countries against India's inflation rate.

2/11 Egypt (10th place)

मिस्र (10वां स्थान)

Inflation rate - 20.83%

3/11 Libya (9th place)

लीबिया (9वां स्थान)

Inflation rate - 23.09%

4/11 Liberia (8th place)

लाइबेरिया (8वां स्थान)

Inflation rate - 23.43%

5/11 Republic of Congo (7th place)

कांगो गणराज्य (7वां स्थान)

Inflation rate - 29.30%

6/11 Iran (sixth place)

ईरान (छठा स्थान)

Inflation rate - 31.17%

7/11 Argentina (5th place)

अर्जेंटीना (5वां स्थान)

Inflation rate - 34.28%

8/11 Yemen (4th place)

यमन (चौथा स्थान)

Inflation rate - 41.77%

9/11 Sudan (third place)

सूडान (तीसरा स्थान)

Inflation rate - 63.29%

10/11 South Sudan (second place)

दक्षिण सूडान (दूसरा स्थान)

Inflation rate - 83.49%

11/11 Venezuela (first place)

वेनेजुएला (पहला स्थान)

Inflation rate - 929789.5%. This country of Latin America is facing heavy inflation due to many reasons. According to a recent report, the price of only 5 tomatoes here is 5 million bolivars (Venezuelan currency). The biggest thing is that one US dollar is equivalent to about 41,101 bolivars and one rupee of India is equal to about 576 bolivars. (All photos from Reuters, courtesy of Statistics-Statista)