The torn-out currency can be changed in the bank! Click here to know the process


If you have old or torn notes then you can go to the bank and get them changed. But you will not get the full amount back. It depends on how torn your note is. Suppose 88 square centimeters (CM) of 2000 rupee note will get full money. On the other hand, if you give 78 square centimeters share in a torn note of Rs 200, you will get full money.

How much does it charge?

If you have 20 notes whose value is less than 5000 rupees then you do not need to pay any charge for it. If you have more than 20 notes and their value is also more than 5000 then you will have to pay a charge. If you have more than 20 notes, you will have to charge two rupees and pay GST on one note. You can also be charged Rs 5 per Rs 5000.

You should know that a burnt or badly mutilated note will not be exchanged. Apart from this, if such a note was torn deliberately, it will not be returned.