The silver price has come down drastically today, Gold becomes even more expensive!


There has been a tremendous decline in the price of silver in the bullion market today. Today, the price of silver has fallen by more than one thousand rupees.

According to the news, the price of July futures silver on MCX has fallen by Rs 1231 today. On Thursday, silver was seen trading for Rs 71,400 a kg. In the previous trading session, the price of silver was Rs 72,631 per kg.

However, gold prices have seen a rise today. Today, the price of gold on MCX was increased by 0.02 percent. With this, it was seen trending at Rs 48,794 per 10 grams.

However, experts believe that due to Corona infection, gold prices may see a rise in the coming time. According to him, the price of gold per ten grams can go beyond 50 thousand in the coming time.