Strictness: Gold jewelry without hallmark will not be sell from 1st June


After June 1, 2021, jewelers in the country will not be able to sell gold or jewelry without hallmarks. The government has said on Tuesday that full preparations have been made to make the hallmark mandatory within the stipulated period. This step will help to curb the sale of adulterated jewelry.

Consumer Affairs Secretary Leela Nandan said It was only in November 2019 that it was announced to make hallmarking mandatory for gold jewelry and artifacts. Time for this was also given till 15 January 2021. In view of the corona epidemic, this period has been extended to June 1, which will not be extended further.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which provides the hallmark, has also made full preparations. BIS Director-General Pramod Kumar Tiwari told that there is complete preparation from our side. So far 34,647 jewelers have registered and it is expected that this number will reach one lakh in the next two months.

The registration process is online. After June 1, jewelers will be able to sell only 14, 18, and 22-carat jewelry. At present, only 40 percent of jewelry in the market remains the hallmark.