Rules related to open selling sweets changing from October, shopkeepers will have to give this information


There is going to be a big change for traders from October 1. Businessmen will now have to specify the deadline for the use of the open sweets sold in the market. That is, for how long it would be appropriate to use sweets sold at the shops, it will be mandatory to inform the consumers about the time limit.

Food regulator mandated rules

The food regulator has made this rule mandatory. Food regulator FSSAI, in its efforts to ensure food safety, has made it mandatory for food business operators to display an appropriate timeframe for use on open sweets from October 1.

That's why bad

In this context, FSSAI wrote a letter to the Food Safety Commissioner of all states and union territories. The letter stated that 'To ensure food safety in the public interest and it has been decided that the product will inevitably come into effect from October 2020 with a tray holding sweets at the outlet for sale in case of open sweets' Before Date should be displayed. Food business operators may also voluntarily display manufacturing dates. '

Along with this, FSSAI also said that better timelines for use of different types of sweets have also been given on its website in a symbolic manner.