Price of this bag of Nita Ambani in crores! Click here to know what is so special


Mukesh Ambani's wife Neeta Ambani is always in the news. She lives a glamorous lifestyle and spends crores of rupees on her outfits and accessories from cars.

While Nita has several VIP brand bags, Hermès Birkin has her own identity.

According to media reports, Nita Ambani has customized Hermes Himalayan Birkin bags. It had 240 precious diamonds studded with 18-carat white gold work. The cost of that bag was stated to be over 26 million.

Extreme care is taken to dye this bag so that its color looks like the snow of the Himalayas. It takes months to dye it and only a few experts can do it.

The Himalayan Birkin bag broke the world record for the most expensive handbag in 2017 when an auction house in Hong Kong bid for Rs 27 crore 76 lakh for a 30 cm matte white bag. It consisted of 18-carat white gold work and 245 diamonds.