Petrol will be available at Rs 75 and diesel Rs 68 per liter! know full details here


Common people are expected to get relief from the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel. The government has started considering bringing petrol-diesel, natural gas, and aviation turbine fuel (aircraft fuel) under the purview of GST under 'Ek Desh-Ek Daam'. This is likely to be discussed in the meeting of the GST Council in Lucknow on September 17. If this happens, then after this petrol can be found at Rs 75 and diesel at Rs 68 per liter. But after bringing it under the ambit of GST, the revenue for the states will decrease equal to only 0.4% of the GDP.

A panel of ministers on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will consider taxing petroleum products under a single rate. The panel headed by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is likely to discuss this in the 45th GST Council meeting to be held in Lucknow on Friday.

At the same time, experts say that it is a bit difficult to get petrol and diesel under the ambit of GST. This requires the approval of three-fourths of the panel's members. The panel comprises representatives from all states. Some of these are opposed to bringing the fuel under the purview of GST.

For information, let us tell you that in the financial year 2019-20, the state and central government had received revenue of 5.55 lakh crore from petroleum products. In this, the governments got the maximum revenue from petrol and diesel.

Oil companies have not changed the price of petrol and diesel even today (Wednesday). This is the 10th day in a row today (September 15), when the rates of petrol and diesel are stable.

Petrol and diesel price (Rs per liter) in major cities on September 15

City - Petrol - Diesel

Delhi -101.19 -88.62

Mumbai -107.26 -96.19

Kolkata -101.62 -91.71

Chennai -98.96 - 93.26

Bengaluru - 104.70 -94.04

Patna -103.79 -94.55

Bhopal -109.63 -97.43

Lucknow -98.30 -89.02

Ranchi -96.21 -93.57

Chandigarh -97.40 -88.35