Petrol-Diesel prices once again increased, today this is the price!


Petrol and diesel prices have been increased once again. After three days of relief to the common man, there is a setback again today.

Today, in the capital of the country, the price of petrol has been increased by 24 paise and diesel by 15 paise per liter. For this reason, the price of petrol in Delhi has crossed Rs 91.

Today, petrol in Delhi has gone up to Rs 91.19 and diesel to Rs 81.47 per liter in connection with the continuing rise in crude oil in the international market. Whereas in Mumbai called the economic capital, petrol is being sold at Rs 97.57 and diesel at Rs 88.60 per liter.

Petrol 91.35 and Diesel 84.35 in Kolkata, Petrol 93.17 and Diesel 86.45 in Chennai, Petrol 94.22 and Diesel 86.37 in Bangalore, Petrol 93.48 and Diesel 86.73 in Patna and Petrol 81.85 and Diesel 81.85 in Lucknow.