Petrol-diesel price: Petrol in Jaipur is Rs 96.37 per liter, this is the price in Sriganganagar!


In Rajasthan, the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously increasing. Due to the rising prices of both these fuels, the people of the state have to bear the brunt of inflation.

In the Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, the price of petrol has reached beyond a hundred rupees. Today, the price of petrol in this district has increased by 36 and diesel by 34 paise per liter. Here, the price of premium petrol has gone up to Rs 103.27 and the price of Ordinary Petrol has gone up to Rs 100.49 per liter.

Ordinary diesel 92.47 and turbo diesel are being sold at Sriganganagar at Rs 96.14 per liter. Today, the price of petrol in Jaipur has increased by 36 paise and diesel rates by 37 paise per liter. With this, petrol is being sold here at Rs 96.37 and diesel at 88.69 paise per liter.