Petrol-diesel price: Click here to know what is the price of a liter!


Today, oil companies have not made any changes in petrol and diesel prices once again. For this reason, petrol is being sold again in the national capital on Saturday for Rs 86.30 per liter. At the same time, the price per liter of diesel remains at Rs 76.48.

While the price of petrol in Mumbai, which is called the economic capital of the country, is Rs 92.86. Kolkata It is being sold at Rs 87.69 per liter. While in Chennai it is priced at Rs 88.82 per liter. Talking about diesel, it is selling at Rs 83.30 in Mumbai, Rs 81.71 in Chennai, and Rs 80.08 per liter in Kolkata.

The price of petrol in Noida is 85.67 and diesel is 76.93 rupees. In Ranchi, petrol is selling 84.80 and diesel 80.91, in Bangalore petrol 89.21 and diesel and Patna petrol 88.78 and diesel is sold at Rs 81.65 per liter.