Petrol and Diesel prices now change!


Due to the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, people are once again getting a big shock. After remaining stable for three consecutive days, once again the government oil companies have increased the prices of both these fuels. Government oil companies have increased the price of petrol from 23 to 25 paise today. At the same time, the price of diesel has been increased by 24 to 27 paise.

According to IOCL today, petrol and diesel prices in four metros of the country are as follows. In the national capital Delhi today, diesel is being sold at Rs 75.13 per liter and petrol at Rs 84.95 per liter. Diesel in Kolkata is 78.72 and petrol is Rs 86.39 per liter.

Mumbai, which is called the economic capital of the country, has diesel at Rs 81.87 and petrol at Rs 91.56 per liter. In Chennai, the price of diesel is Rs 80.43 and petrol is Rs 87.63 per liter. Significantly, petrol and diesel prices are fixed daily at six o'clock in the morning.