OMG! 138 crores can be received by selling this small coin!


You must have heard about many rare coins to date. But today we are going to tell you about a coin which was sold for 138 crores. Its auction has been done in crores. After this, the question must be in your mind that after all what was in this coin? Today we are going to tell you about this.

This case is of America, where a coin was auctioned and it was sold for 18.9 million i.e. 138 rupees. This coin was a gold coin of 20 dollars.

What is special about this coin?

According to a report by Reuters, this is the coin of the year 1933. This coin is called Double Eagle Coin, due to which its value has increased significantly. That's why many people wanted to buy it. At the same time, this coin was bought for 138 crores. The 20 Dollar Double Eagle Gold Coin has a flying eagle design on one side and a Liberty design on the other.

Who had this coin?

The coin was owned by shoe designer and collector Stuart Weitzman and bought in 2002 for around 55 crores. He also had a ticket, which he sold for Rs 60 crore. According to the report, this is the only stamp, which was printed by the South American nation. At the same time, Weitzman is fond of keeping coins and stamps since childhood.