Old 100, 10, and 5 rupee notes will not valid after March, read the full news


RBI said that since March, old 100, 10, and 5 rupee notes will not be in circulation. According to the information, all these old notes will be out of the market after March-April. This information has been provided by RBI official B Mahesh.

This news can directly affect you. Although there is nothing to worry about, the Reserve Bank of India is working on a plan to withdraw all these 100, 10, and 5 rupee notes, so that people will not face any further trouble.

RBI official Assistant General Manager B Mahesh said that old notes of Rs 100, 10, and 5 will go out of circulation as the Reserve Bank plans to withdraw them in March-April. However, new 100, 10 rupee notes are also in circulation already.

What will happen to a 100 rupee note

A new 100 rupee note is already in circulation in the market. It was released by RBI in 2019. As you know, due to the sudden closure of 500 and 1000 notes, there was chaos and people had to face a lot of trouble. But if the new 100 rupee note is in full circulation in the market, then the old 100 rupee note will be removed from the trend.

10 coins valid

RBI has advised avoiding any kind of rumor about 10 rupee coins. 10 coins are fully valid. Sometimes the coins on which there is no sign of rupee then the shopkeeper refuses to take that coin. But the RBI clearly said that it is completely valid.