Now the price of Petrol-Diesel has increased!


The price of petrol and diesel has increased once again amid the Corona epidemic. This has shocked people.

Oil marketing companies have raised prices of petrol and diesel once again after a day's stability. In four major metros of the country, the price of diesel has been increased by 20 to 22 paise and petrol by 11 paise per liter.

Earlier on Wednesday, the price of petrol and diesel was increased for five consecutive days. During this period, the price of diesel increased by 95 and petrol by 53 paise per liter.

With the increase in the price, now petrol has been increased to Rs 81.70 per liter in Delhi, diesel Rs 71.62 per liter, petrol 83.26 and diesel 75.19 in Kolkata, petrol 88.40 and diesel 78.12 in Mumbai and Rs 84.74 and diesel 77.08 per liter in Chennai.