Now the price of gold has come down so drastically, there is still a good chance to buy for marriage


In the midst of the coronavirus infection, once again, a sharp fall in gold prices has been observed. On August 5, 2020, gold price fell 0.69 percent on MCX exchange. This led to a steep fall of Rs 321 and trending at Rs 46,375 per ten grams.

While the futures price of gold on 5 October 2020 saw a decline of Rs 322. Along with this, gold was seen trending at Rs 46,492 per ten grams.

Right now people have a good chance to buy cheap gold for marriage, otherwise, the price of gold can touch the sky in the coming time. According to experts, the price of gold can reach fifty thousand rupees per ten grams in the coming time.

Today, silver prices have also seen a decline. On July 3, 2020, the silver price fell by Rs 428 on MCX. With this, it was seen trending at Rs 48,383 per kg.