No change in Petrol-Diesel price! Click here to know more


Government oil companies have not made any changes in the prices of both fuels on Wednesday after cutting the prices of petrol and diesel for two days. Due to the softening of crude oil prices in the international market, it also had an impact on the domestic market for two days.

On Tuesday, petrol prices were reduced by 17 paise and diesel prices by 22-24 paise in four major metros of the country. Petrol in Delhi today stood at Rs 81.55 and diesel at Rs 72.56 per liter. Petrol in the commercial city of Mumbai also remained stable at Rs 88.21 and diesel at Rs 79.05 per liter.

In Kolkata, petrol and diesel prices today remained stable at Rs 83.06 and diesel at Rs 76.06 per liter respectively. There was also a change in the price of petrol and diesel in Chennai. Petrol remained stable at Rs 84.57 per liter and diesel at Rs 77.91 per liter.