Mukesh Ambani gives so much salary to the gardener of the house!


Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani, the heads of Reliance Industries, are always in discussion for some reason or the other, and even if he is counted among the world's richest people.

Mukesh Ambani has earned Rs 90 crore every minute even in the nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus. If you talk about earning per minute, then this figure is 1.5 crores. Today we are going to tell you how much salary their staff gets.

A team of 600 staff works to oversee the 27-story house Antilia. This includes everything from watchmen to drivers and chefs.

A gardener has also been placed to decorate Mukesh Ambani's home in the posh area of ​​Mumbai. But you will be surprised to know the salary of the gardener.

According to, the staff gets a salary of Rs 2 lakh per month. Mukesh Ambani's gardener also gets a salary of Rs 2 lakh. This salary also includes education allowance and insurance for children.