Modi government is again giving a chance to buy cheap gold, is starting this scheme again


Investing in gold is considered a better option due to the uncertainty of the stock market due to the lockdown in the country right now. Investing in gold is proving beneficial for the people. This is because by investing in gold, people get less risk and good returns.

Now the Narendra Modi government of the Center is once again going to give people a chance to buy cheap gold.

The central government is going to give people a chance to invest in gold from 8th of next month. Under the third installment of the Sovereign Gold Bond of the Central Government, its subscription can be availed between 8 and 12.

People will have a good chance to buy cheap gold during this time. According to experts, the price of gold can go up to 54,000 in the coming time. Right now the price of gold is only around 47000. Even before this, the central government has given people a chance to buy cheap gold. During this time, people who have invested in gold will now get a chance to buy gold