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The entire focus of the Modi government at the Center is on agriculture. In the budget 2020, several schemes were announced keeping farmers in mind. A large part of the budget was focused on farming, villages, and farmers. The government announced several such schemes that could use the idle land, as well as increase the income of farmers. One of these schemes is Kisan Energy Security and Upliftment Maha Abhiyan i.e. Kusum Yojana. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced in the budget that the government will continue the Kusum scheme so that solar pumps are provided to farmers for irrigation in the fields.

However, the scheme was announced by the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the 2018-19 budget. The government will not only overcome the power shortage in the country with this scheme, but the barren land can also be used. By producing solar power in the fields, power shortage will be overcome, as well as by selling that electricity, farmers can also earn extra income. The government will provide 60% of the total cost of the solar pump as a subsidy to the farmers for the Kusum scheme.

Farming in our country is dependent on rainfall. In many places, irrigation is being done by diesel pumps and electric pumps. But due to lack of access to electricity everywhere, irrigation from electric pumps is not possible at all places and lack of proper supply of electricity is also a big problem.

Through the Kusum scheme, farmers can irrigate their fields by putting solar power pumps in their land. In this scheme, farmers can also produce electricity along with irrigation by putting solar panels on their barren land. The special thing is that farmers can also sell surplus power drawn from solar panels.

Under the Kusum scheme, any farmer, group of farmers, cooperative societies, panchayats can apply for installing solar pumps. For setting up a solar plant, an application with a rate of Rs 50,000 per MW + GST ​​will have to be submitted to the electricity department. Farmers of Uttar Pradesh can apply on the UP government website

The entire expenditure for this scheme is divided into 3 parts so that more and more farmers can join it. Under the first part, the central government will give 60 percent of the total expenditure as a subsidy. You will be able to get 30 percent as a loan from the bank. Only 10% of the amount will have to be paid by the farmer himself.

Benefits of Kusum Yojana

- Kusum Yojana will save electricity to farmers.

- The fields will not have to wait for electricity for irrigation.

Arrangements will be made to run 20 lakh irrigation pumps with solar energy.

- Diesel consumption and pollution will be controlled.

- Farmers will have to spend only 10% of the cost.

- Waste lying ground can be used.

- Farmers can sell their surplus energy for income.