London Confidential Review: ZEE5's Spy Thriller engages you till the end the movie


'London Confidential' is a spy thriller. It has action, Murder, Fareb, Awesome twists, and suspense that will make you chew your nails. But at the same time, it is also a murder mystery.

Ever since the trailer of ZEE5's original film 'London Confidential' was launched a few days ago, the audience was eagerly waiting for the release of the film. And why not? After all, this is the first film shot during a pandemic. The hour of that wait is over, as 'London Confidential' can now be streamed on ZEE5. This spy-thriller full of mystery and adventure is a great film that will not let you move from your chair till the end.

What is the story of 'London Confidential'?

After Kovid-19, such rumors are being heard all over the world that even more, dangerous one virus has spread on the border of India and China. In this connection, the evidence of RAW's undercover agent Biren Ghosh (Diljon Singh) becomes one such evidence that proves that China is also behind this new virus. Biren wants to present this evidence in a conference to be held in London so that China's evil intentions can be exposed to the world. But just seven days before the conference, Biren goes missing, and the next day his body is found in the River Thames. It is clear that the Chinese intelligence agency MSS got a glimpse of Biren's mission, due to which he removed him from his path.

After Biren's death, two big questions have arisen in front of the rest of the RAW agents deployed on this mission: Which witness was Biren to present in the conference? And who among them is the traitor who leaked the information of the mission to the Chinese intelligence? They have 6 days to find the answers to these two questions and only one clue: a Chinese painting that Biren has left for his leader Uma (Mooney Roy).

But the problems of our agents do not end here. He has received strict instruction from New Delhi that British intelligence may not get a little clue of this mission. This means that Uma and her team have to keep their mission absolutely secret.

And then it starts in London, a game of mouse cat in which no one is outside the circle of doubt.

A spy thriller that is out of the box

Well, 'London Confidential' is a spy thriller. It has action, Murder, Fareb, Awesome twists, and suspense that will make you chew your nails. But at the same time, it is also a murder mystery. You can also call this film a female-oriented film. Uma and Ambassador Nirupama (Kulraj Randhawa) are both strong characters who live their lives on their own terms, due to which they have to face problems in their personal lives as well.

Cast and acting

Mouni Roy, who has enticed audiences with her performance in many hit shows on TV, is now leaving her mark in films too. Prior to this, she has worked in the best films like 'Gold' with Akshay Kumar and 'Made in China' with Rajkumar Rao. 'London Confidential' is his first film released directly on the digital platform. Mooney is very well cast in the role of a RAW officer and his performance is proof that he is capable of doing all kinds of roles. He is supported in the film by Purab Kohli, who is known for his simple and natural acting. He has impressed a lot in the role of an undercover agent running a grocery shop.

Also, 'Bigg Boss' fame Pravesh Rana has played a character named Azad in the film, who is an employee of the Indian Embassy and whose married life is going through a difficult period. Pravesh has given life to the character of Azad with his strong acting. Kulraj Randhawa is making a comeback in films after 6 years through 'London Confidential'. The audience will like his comeback.

The screenplay of the film is quite spectacular and the direction of Kanwal Sethi has added four moons to it. Also, cinematography and editing are also a compliment. Both things make the film even more entertaining and thrilling. This is to say that this 87-minute film will not let you get bored even for a moment.