Liquor again became cheaper in Rajasthan, the government canceled the surcharge on liquor!


Liquor has once again become cheaper in Rajasthan. Earlier, the government imposed an extra charge on different brands. Now the order for imposing a surcharge on a bottle of foreign liquor made in India has been canceled. Alcohol will be available again at the old price.

The government had decided to impose a surcharge on liquor to deal with the corona epidemic as well as natural and human disasters such as floods, drought, fire.

The finance department had issued a notification levying surcharge according to the bottle of different brands. In this, 8 rupees were being charged on 180 ml bottle of Indian made foreign liquor, 5 rupees on 375ml bottle, and 10 rupees on 750 ml bottle. Now the state government has issued a notification canceling the surcharge on the bottle.