Knowing the salary of the servants of Ambani, the land will slip under your feet

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It is the richest family in India. All the people in the Ambani family live a very luxurious life and their hobbies are also very expensive. The family lives in the 27-story building Antilia which is in Mumbai. This house is counted as the second most expensive house in the world. There are 600 servants to handle this house.

Today we are going to tell you how to get a job here and what is their salary.

Home care costs Rs 15 lakh per month. RPF security is also provided. The Ambani family owns more than 150 cars, which have a garage on the 7th floor. It has a theater, spa, pool, ice cream parlor, saloon, eye room, gym, and more. A temple, garden, and 2 health centers are also available in this house.

Servant Selection?

Those who are interested in this post in the newspaper are called for an interview. They have a returned exam in which questions of hotel management and general knowledge are asked. One has to pass this exam. Then you get a chance to work in 'Antilia'.

Salary on getting a job

- People working in this house now get at least 2 lakh rupees per month. They also get facilities like safety and health insurance. Anyone of these children gets an opportunity to go to America and study.

Ambani family's treatment of their domestic servants?

Mukesh Ambani and other family members treat the house servants very well but support them immensely.

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