In the desire for long and thick hair, have you not committed these mistakes, follow these tips


Every woman dreams that her hair is thick and long. For this, she also takes many measures but still does not get any benefit. In such a situation, if you are also worried about your hair, then today we are going to tell you why your hair is not getting thick and long, even after the right hair care?

According to the doctor, in the desire to get long hair, some women commit such mistakes that their dream of thick hair remains a dream. Today we are going to introduce you to those same mistakes.

Using more Hair Dryer

Women use the dryer to dry hair, but when they start using it, it proves to be dangerous for their hairs. So avoid using a blow dryer daily. It also slowly removes the natural oil of your hair, causing your hair to break.

More shampooing

There is the habit of some people that they shampoo 3 to 4 times a week. Doing so also has a profound effect on hair. This makes your hair thinner and the volume inside the hair also starts to decrease. Washing your hair more often causes your hair to break more.

Tightening the hair

Some women tie their hairs daily in a new style to look beautiful. In such a situation, some women also make ponytails. While making ponytails, they tie the hairs so tight so that their hairs break more. In such a situation, you should always make loose ponytails. This will keep your hair safe.


Women use a straightener to straighten the hairs. Along with this, some women also do many treatments with their hairs to get their hair straightened. By doing all this, she feels that her hair will be strong, but she is unknowingly harming her own hair. In the end, the result of all this is the same that their hair becomes thin. So if you want to straighten your hair, then you use a comb.