If you have this 2 rupee note then you can get lakhs of rupees!


There are many ways to earn money in this world. Now the price of old coins and notes online has increased a lot, by selling which people are earning thousands of lakhs of rupees. But, they all have some special features. Today we can earn lakhs of rupees by selling you old and special types of notes of 2 rupees on the online platform.

The printing of many types of notes has now stopped, in such a situation, these special notes of Rs 1, 2, 5, 10 have come in the rare category. These special types of notes are being auctioned on many online platforms.

If 786 is written on this 2 rupee note then people are ready to spend lakhs of rupees to buy it. Apart from this, these notes should be pink in color and should also have the signature of former RBI Governor Manmohan Singh.

You can sell this special note of Rs 2 on eBay and Click India. For this, you have to first click and upload the picture of the note. After that person interested to buy will contact you directly.