If Money is to be kept safe, so keep these things in mind, otherwise, the account will be empty


In the Corona era, the Government of India and RBI have been promoting digital transactions in the country. Digital transactions in the country are expected to grow four-fold by 2021. People in India use UPI ie Unified Payments Interface, Debit Card, Net Banking, etc. for digital transactions. Millions of transactions are done every month through UPI. But the question is how safe is these means of transaction. Despite the stringent regulations of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks continue to be fraudulent. The fraudsters find some way to rob the common people. Digital transactions are a threat to customers as well as to them.

With the advancement of technology in the country, online fraud is increasing rapidly. Cybercrime incidents are coming to the fore in which millions of rupees are blown from people's accounts. Therefore, we are going to tell you some important things for secure transactions, through which you can avoid being a victim of fraud.

Always choose OTP

A phishing attack is the oldest and easiest method for cyber attacks. E-mail IDs are also hacked into phishing attacks. For this, hackers send fake and similar e-mails in the name of your friends which contain links to the virus. To avoid fraud, you should never click on a phishing email and always choose the option of a one-time password (OTP) in online payment. Do not tell this OTP to anyone. No bank ever asks you for an OTP. This can reduce the possibility of fraud.

Use a secure application only

Harmful applications can detect your private information through your phone. It also includes payment information. You should avoid such an application. Keep your UPI pin secure as it can cause fraud. For caution, use UPI PIN only on a secure application like Bheem UPI. If any website or form has been given a link to insert UPI PIN, then avoid it.

Do not give this information to anyone

Do not reveal your debit and credit card number and CVV to anyone. Banks never ask you for this information. Your UPI PIN is also similar to an ATM PIN. So do not share it with anyone. Fraudsters can cheat you by using it incorrectly.

Report the fraud to the bank

If you have been cheated too, inform the bank immediately. By doing this, the bank can bear the responsibility of your loss. If money is withdrawn from a debit or credit card, block it.