Hurry, these 19 policies of LIC will be closed after two days from today


According to media reports, 19 insurance policies of LIC are closing. All these policies will be closed on January 31, two days from today. According to a media report, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has prepared new guidelines regarding linked and non-linked life insurance policies. IRDA has made it clear to all insurance companies that now they start preparing their policy with new guidelines. Under which insurance companies have to discontinue the policy prepared under their old guidelines.

According to the information, after the new guidelines came out, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has to close its 19 policies. Which includes non-linked and unit-linked individual policies. According to the information, LIC has issued a list of insurance policies to be closed to all its agents from 31 January 2020. No LIC agent will be able to sell these policies after 31 January. If an agent sells these policies till January 31, then customers will continue to get their benefits as before. Despite the new guidelines being implemented, the premiums and benefits of the old policies will not be affected.

According to the information received, Irda issued a notification on December 3, saying that the last date for implementing the new guidelines was extended. Now the new guidelines will be implemented from 1 February 2020. Earlier the new guidelines were to come into force from 1 December 2019. Insurance companies may launch new insurance products after 29 February 2020.

These policies are going to be completely closed

1. Non-linked individual policy

- Plan No. 814: New Endowment Plan

- Plan number 815: New Jeevan Anand

- Plan No. 817: Single Premium Endowment Plan

- Plan No. 820: New Money Back Plan

- Plan number 822: Anmol Jeevan 2

- Plan No. 830: Limited Premium Endowment Plan

- Plan No. 832: New Children's Money Back Plan

- Plan number 833: Life goals

- Plan number 834: Jeevan Tarun

- Plan No. 836: Life Benefits

- Plan number 839: Bhagya Lakshmi

- Plan No. 840: New Jeevan Mangal

- Plan number 843: base column

- Plan number 844: base craft

- Plan number 845: Jeevan Umang

- Plan number 847: Jeevan Shiromani

- Plan No. 848: Insurance Shree

- Plan Number 851: Micro Savings

2. Unit Linked Individual Policy

- Plan number 835: New Endowment Plus